PaPierre -- 403.8 7:20am @ July 11th 2018: just a little note for me as I post a little something in this shoutbox reminding others that this forum still has at least one regular visitor. The days keep clickin' by...
PaPierre -- Just finished watching the San Francisco Giants versus the Philadelphia Phillies [Giants win 6-1], and decided to congratulate those who graduated in 2018. Why? No particular reason, really, it simply popped in my mind so I went with it. Good luck out there in the world!
PaPierre -- On Sunday two days ago I went to the movie theater to see Avengers Infinity War. My brother Jake bought the tickets and the dinner afterwards making for an awesome day out!! The movie was good and I think you should see it. Captain America ROCKS!
PaPierre -- Still laid up with gout in my right ankle. Been playing F3 trying to fully complete it for once. Currently at dusty steps dig site where I left off after my 3DS ran out of power. A nightly recharge and I'm back at it!
PaPierre -- Welcome to the forum.
PaPierre -- The month of March is upon us...still nothing better to report from my neck of the woods. How about you? Is there anything new Fossil Fighters related to report? Anything positive to shout out with?
PaPierre -- At this moment I am preparing to cook up some Saturday-fun hamburgers for dinner. For an early February day it is pretty warm, meaning we may be forced to run our air conditioner! Been wondering if I can make the patties in dinosaur shapes, LOL!
PaPierre -- Merry Christmas everybody!! Well, tomorrow it is officially, but my family had to swap days due to unforseen circumstances. Have a blast you guys!
PaPierre -- Today marks three full years since I've been registered here at Tyrannosaur Talk. Sad to see this place empty, but that is Red Entertainment's fault for biffing the online component.
PaPierre -- Hello.
Moonstar101 -- Hi
PaPierre -- Thanksgiving Day tomorrow! We celebrate being grateful for all that we have been blessed with in our lives.
PaPierre -- Hello there! Welcome to Fossil Fighters Forums.
Gyga -- Hello!
PaPierre -- ATTENTION: today Miiverse closes its virtual doors for good. My profile went from February 2nd 2013 until now {November 7th 2017}.
PaPierre -- Today I say "farewell" to my old resume. Had it for 1431 days. LOL, I know it is silly but when one job hunts regularly for four years with one can become a tad attached. :0 Oh, well: new resume, better chances?
UNCL -- FF communities in 2017 on that wild west ghost town vibe
UNCL -- That's absolutely heartbreaking
UNCL -- lmaooooo ownerless huh
PaPierre -- ugh! After reading my previous post, it does NOT sound as I meant: I really meant that your advice was good! I, too, try what you suggested and it simply wasn't in the cards. Sorry if my last post came acros as meanspirited.
PaPierre -- Good advice TDD25. I ended up not getting the job despite checking-in three times over nine days after that interview. Thought the interview went well [besides it going smoothly] because I have a managerial foodhandler's license and HACCP certification...guess not. Anyhoo, nice to see someone else around these here parts!
TDD25 -- It doesn't hurt
TDD25 -- You could always try calling back yourself. If you have a number to do so with or something
TDD25 -- That's how those things go
PaPierre -- Have any of you tried applying for work at a local Little Caesar's Pizza? I did and was lucky enough to score an interview; been waiting seven days now with no callback. I guess they didn't pick me...there were six other interviewees.
PaPierre -- Tonight we are 'hosting' our first overnighter with an infant cat my brother found last week. The poor critter was abandoned by its mother. It is dark brown and black stripes...kinda looks like a Maine Coon an' a Tabby. Unfortunately, I'm on night watch.
PaPierre -- I just finished up a two-day fight with the family computer, trying to get a few old games installed on it: SimCity 3000 Unlimited & SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition to name a few. Even though SC3KU is my favorite, I am most excited to play Simcoaster and SimCopter. Summer gaming 2017!
PaPierre -- Well, tonight while I was visiting Miiverse with my WiiU an' running antivirus/malware scans on the family laptop, my mind was running off on its own. MY HAS THE TIME JUST FLOWN BY! It hasn't seemed all that long ago when my youngest sibling was too young to leave diapers behind...and now he's beginning high school.
PaPierre -- Soon my Dad an' I are gonna watch the season fanale of Arrow on The CW. Here's hopin' it's as good as the season fanale of The Flash!
PaPierre -- Whelp, today is Friday and it looks to be a rather warm evening. My brother is buying us some Papa Murphy's take-'n'-bake pizzas for dinner tonight as a kind of party as he shows off Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild to his best friend. Will probably be running the oven along with the air conditioning system tonight! LOL! Hope you all have a grand series of days next week.
PaPierre -- April 18th of the year 2017ad...and nothin' new to report: I'm just as lazy 'n' tired as those last ten-or-so years.
TDD25 -- BOI
PaPierre -- It ain't abandoned if at least one person regularly shows up. Fossil Fighters FOREVER!
TDD25 -- BOI
shifty serpent -- Well then :T