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Oct 10 2015, 12:39 AM
I know some of us only really like Fossil Fighters, but I also know some of us have other games or franchises we like other than Fossil Fighters. I have two main others so I'll start off!

Mega Man franchise - at first, I didn't know a thing about it. All I knew it was considered a gaming pillar/popular. It wasn't until Smash 4 did I get intrigued. The cinematic Mega Man trailer looked awesome so I decided to try a game from Mega Man on a GBA emulator (don't judge me. They don't sell legit GBA catridges anymore in stores), and it was Megaman Zero 4. Boy, I am so glad I ended up playing that one first 'cause it had an Easy Mode that helped me get into the franchise. And MAN, now I love the Zero series and like the rest. Particularly X and ZX.

Why have I come to love it? Well, for Zero, the story was great for me, I know it's not Oscar worthy, but compared to Classics and even X, it's the darkest and most thought provoking (and some ironic stuff) story I've seen for a game, and yet it's (relatively) fine for kids (maybe 8 and up) to play, whether for its story or its gameplay. I also like its gameplay (even if some of its levels are punishing), it has everything you'd expect from a platformer and you feel awesome doing it.

The X and ZX series were similar to Zero which is why I like them more than the rest. But I still like the Classics, Battle Network, Legends, & Star Force.

Pokémon - I saw the anime when I was a kid and ended up buying Leafgreen for my GBA because of that. Years later, I find out about Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and that pretty much made me stick with it now. I liked the main games, but PMD did so much more for me than the main games did. Along the same lines as the Zero series, I was enthralled by the story, and it gave me hope that I'll have a friend one day (which I do now!). So it has a special place in my heart, like the Zero series.

So how about you? Any other game franchise/games you like and why?
Oct 9 2015, 08:46 PM
It's simple. You just say "next poster -insert statement here-' and the next poster says true or false. Like so!

QUOTE (ARandomDragon)
Next poster likes dogs.

QUOTE (RextheThrasher)

NP plays DotA.

QUOTE (FiliFoe)
False. I played LoL.

NP likes rock music.

And so on.

Please don't ask anything rude or personal. Remember the rules!

I'll start off.

Next poster is the owner of the forums.
Apr 9 2015, 07:25 PM
You're probably wondering about the title so let me explain. One of the reasons why I like Fossil Fighters so much is because of all the prehistoric animals in it and doesn't involve killing the fascinating creatures. That's why. But at that thought, I wondered, "How many of the members actually know about the vivosaurs?" Which is why I made this thread. How much do you know? As in, were you a paleontology buff or just know plenty of paleontological stuff or something else?

In my case, it's the second thing I memtioned. I know plenty about the actual creatures and not just the vivosaurs. Like T-Rex Sue is referring to the T. rex specimen everyone mentions: Sue, who's forty feet long. I also knew Allosaurus lived in Portugal which was why I was so happy to find that they made a seperate vivo for it.

So what about you?
Mar 19 2015, 11:16 PM
You know. The one with the most memories?

In my case, even though I restarted a couple of times in Fossil Fighters: Champions, I still find Dimetro as my most memorable. Why? was the first one I chose in my first playthrough, with no idea about the game other than it's about prehistoric animals. I went with it because its range was Mid-Range and boy was I happy about choosing it. Mid-Range has, since then, become my favorite range. My second most memorable will probably be Giga Raja. It was my first Super Evolver when I didn't like Dimetro's. XP So it will hold a special place in my heart.

So, what's your most memorable?
Mar 19 2015, 02:39 AM
So, in case you're not sure what this is, or what can you post here, you can post things like what you found, what you did, how well you did it, what you fought, and so on, in Fossil Fighters: Champions. Come on, who doesn't want to talk about what they did? So yeah, remember, only whatever you did in Fossil Fighters: Champions recently.

To start off, after a long time, I played FFC again. For a moment, I completely forgot the button that activates your pick axe. XD Man, was that embrassing. But I remembered, don't worry. XD Anyways, after a bit, I dug in the Barebones area of Rainbow Canyon and when I cleaned this new Neutral typed fossil, I found, to my astonishement, an E-RAPTOR. I screamed at the revelation. XD

So, what did you do?
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