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If you haven't tried all three Fossil Fighters games I encourage ya to play them. They're better than you'd expect.

Take care you guys!
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Sep 9 2017, 04:30 PM

I now know how it feels to have been banned from Miiverse. {although this is NOT videogame related it IS Nintendo related}

A week ago I began trying to save a few online acquaintanceships by asking my Miiverse pals if they wanted to send a private message containing either email or Facebook accounts. I was randomly tagged by a few administrator-bots as having or posting personal information...and was henceforth banned from my favorite online forum. [sorry, Tyrannosaur Talk]

So now I must wait two weeks for being stupid.

Not that it matters since Miiverse has all but dried up entirely when that bare-bones Switch hit store shelves. *sigh* Ya know, lately in my life things have been goin' pretty sour: a kind of atmosphere of depression. I've been 'meh' over videogames for some time in spite of a childhood/teenageer/young-adulthood being very adamant over gaming. And then Nintendo seems to have changed its character into being nothing more than a money-grubbing machine of multiple spin-off games.

And as I am adjusting to a new, sadder phase in my life (personal stuff), I get banned for some reason [clearly not what they said I did] leaving me to sit here an' question my several life choices.

So, yeah, it has been kinda like a butt-kicking marathon between Nintendo and I for a year or so, which helped me to break away from my addiction to videogames: from being repeatedly ripped off by Club Nintendo {losing hundreds of 'coins'-mentioned in my Miiverse profile}, being continually overhyped over games which turned out to be overpriced-having many DLC components-and very much unnecessary distractions, and then to see that Nintendo is happy to take my money without providing much for the consoles I buy...these reasons and a few personal ones hath impacted me like so.

Anyhoo...hadta vent.
It just seems to me that there's recently more to regret about my once-favorite company an' industry than I could have ever imagined as a kid. It's like being let down by the one friend you never thought would.
Apr 29 2017, 05:37 PM
Hello all, Peter here.

Lately I've been ravenous in the frozen chicken egg roll 'section' off Earth's food selection. As I was eating I was perusing this forum until I ran outta food...and it dawned on me what I could submit as my first post since 2015.

Chicken egg rolls, frozen, reheated by microwave, rapidly consumed and very much missed.

Howzabout any of you guys out there? It is Saterday! So, are ya planning on having something tasty tonight?
Jul 18 2015, 09:43 PM
With the release of Fossil Fighters Frontier (F3) I learned there were more than one kind of 'spinax'. The altispinax and the becklespinax.

Are there any other types of spinaxes they'll use later on? Thanks.
Jul 14 2015, 11:43 PM
Just ran into a bug in F1: when you place both Igno & Frigi on the same team you're using to dig for fossil rocks, everything you excavate will be head fossils only.

Don't know if there are certain combinations of other teams that'll cause you to dig up the other part types on their own, but if there is please stop by this thread and post it. Thanks.

Jun 30 2015, 11:01 PM
Hello all. Just wanted to post this message officially to every member here.

I would like to express my gratitude for all of your efforts, every bit of time and energy, creating as many roleplaying stories as you could come up with. For every topic you guys created in an attempt to make this place more attractive for others.

Forums typically aren't meant to have such a low traffic volume; even though our contributions are microscopic when compared to millions of other websites, I fully realize that everyone here has lives of there own, and that you helped Fossildude747 and I provide the best content possible that we couldn't possibly provide together.

Thank you all very much!!!

This isn't a doom thread or anything but I felt I should let you know that I realize your efforts and, in case this forum does come down shortly after, that I wasn't ungrateful.

Fossil Fighters Frontier was not developed with a flexible online server and that REALLY crippled our potential. Here's hoping we can keep this place alive long enough to see the next Fossil Fighters game.

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Hello! And welcome to Fossil Fighters Forums: Tyrannosaur Talk.

The sun is shining, the wispy clouds are streaking 'cross the sky, and on this mildly humid mid-spring morning my pal Mario dashes down the stone path leading to Bianco Hills.

Hope you have almost as much fun as he's having here within these forums!!
Jan 27 2015, 12:43 PM
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