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video games roleplay pokemon fossil fighers roblox and most importantly

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Jul 6 2015, 04:21 PM
*Watching out on the lands around me, i sigh* so alone in this vast world.....
May 4 2015, 07:52 PM
The hero of the Earth
by Link Z.W.K.
rated T (mod edit: just some swearing doesn't deserve an M rating)
some swearing but not a lot, and thats really all. If your fine with that go ahead and read


I woke up one day, all i saw was shadows
whispering to me, taunting me, i ran and ran, but could not excape them, i stopped running, there before me
a giant wall, pulsating and dripping blood, there were 2 eyes, and one mouth staring at me from the wall, a demonic creates spewed out of the wall attacking me, it was then i woke up realising it was a bad dream, but all was not as i seemed. i woke up on a grass hill, "what.... where the hell am i?" i get up washing the dew off my face, its night i can barely see a thing, zombies growl in the distance "what are those!" i start running but i'm surrounded by zombies. but suddenly something cuts down the zombies, hidden by the night i cant see what it is, the mysterious person talk "FOR THE LOVE OF TERRA IF YOU WANNA LIVE FOLLOW ME ", i run after him, he cuts down any zombies in our path, we enventually reach and old tree stump, he jumps in. i look down it hesitantly not seeing a bottom. but im surrounded by zombies and have no other choice, reluctantly i jump down the hole, i hit the ground but pass out, hours later i wake up on a wooden bed, the man that saved me standing close, he begins to speak "finally your awake, the fall must of hurt..." i reply angrilly "ok who are you and where the hell am i". he repsonsed calmly. "theres no need to yell, i am your guide, and welcome to Terraria."
Apr 29 2015, 11:30 PM
We thought they were gone
But how naive we were
We angered them
They brought despair
They brought rage
They saw all
They knew all
They had eyes everywhere, watching, waiting
Worms, hidden beneath our feet, knowing our every movement,
They rose the bones of our own deceased against us
Not even plants were safe any more,
We hid, hoping they wouldn't find us, because now, they are back, and they are angry


But knowing you link, here: THIS IS A SCRIPT RP

WELCOME TO MY NEW RP (excuse any typos typing this on my phone cause the Internet went out)
In this story, you wake up, you cannot remember anything, and you are in a strange world corrupted by darkness, rules, if you don't know about something in the rp, look it up, or feel free to ask me in the ooc section, all I ask is that you don't just pretend you know what your doing when your really confused

For character submissions use this

Char name:


Class: (warrior, ranged, or Mage)




Profession:(stuff your char is good at)

Anything else about your char:

For mine we have

Char name: Terra

Gender: male

Class: warrior

Appearance: a scrawny kid with long blond hair, always wearing dark clothes

Personality: really really REEEALLY shy

Backstory: he was abused by his parents and his older brother for always being worse at everything, never getting a chance and being ridiculed at every corner, he one day woke up in this dark world alone, and learned to survive, teaching himself the way of the sword and becoming a skilled swordsman, he now lives alone in small cave in a mountain, all alone,..

Professions: sword play, staying completely quiet for extended periods of time, staring at the sky or ground in depression

Anything else: it is possible to get him to open up but it isn't easy, but if you truly become his friend, you will not regret it
Apr 9 2015, 02:14 PM
(note to all the people here if you havent make a character yet post it on the signup page if you have then welcome to the rp and let it begin)

*standing on a cliff far above the triacin fossil park, looking down at everyone*

so many humans, one day i will understand...
Apr 8 2015, 06:32 PM
welcome everyone to the fossil fighters legends rp signup sheet
heres the basic run down of the roleplay,
first its going to be based on all 3 games so it will include both fighters and warders, fighters being well fighters and wardens being the police of sorts protecting people and stuff
first we have the story

after the events of the caleosteo fossil park, a new fossil park was opened named the Triacin fossil park, in this park there are both fossil fighters and wardens, fossil fighters battling for sport and for fun, and wardens keeping the peace of the park. this fossil park is where new heros, and villains, will rise

!This is a script style roleplay!

character application form, basicly heres an example of a character application form, they go like this

character name:

character race: [human robot dinuranian etc]

occupation: [fossil fighter warden villain scientist etc]

alignment: [good anti-hero evil]

vivosaurs or vivosaur:

character bio: [looks description backstory personality and all that fluff]

that is what a character applictation form should look like, so heres mine

name: Sephlin Umbre Nocturnis, or Seph for short

race: dinuranian

occupation: fossil fighter

alignment: hero

vivos: o raptor fiend, pendem, tophis

bio: Sephlin is the more odd type of the dinuranians, he prefers to spend his time amongst the humans studying them, he preferes good over evil and loves battling but, is actually pretty shy, he prefers to stay away from heavily populated areas. he normally wears dark clothing and a hood that covers his eyes, he has long blond hair in his human form and in his vivosaur form is a ferocious shadow trex. despite his love for battling he doesnt battle much due to the fact that when he does battle he usually goes overboard due to his primal nature as part dinosaur, he avoids battling unless necesary so he doesnt hurt anyone, he also wears a dark trench coat with a bright white dinosaur symbol on the back. he very rarely enters his dinosaur form but when he does he is a force to be reckoned with. but despite his shy nature he will not stray away from helping someone in trouble.
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