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Sep 8 2016, 04:58 PM
I admit I stink but I am having fun so I don't care. My friend code is 4511 1204 4863 please no palicos with the launch ability I don't want to fly! I'm content to slash at ankles... I do not want to be suddenly thrown into the air while I am attempting to slash into an artery or something.
Sep 13 2015, 12:26 PM
Hey I was wondering if you could give a personality to a legendary Pokémon what would that be? I always imagined Xernias for example with the personality and manners of a court Noble or something. Mewtwo seems to be an evolving character. But I type fanfiction and can't seem to ascribe personalities to legendary pokemon.
May 4 2015, 02:18 PM
Warden antics
Fossil Fighters Frontiers fanfiction
The game belongs to Nintendo
Rated M
There is cussing, and drinking but every party involved is of legal age, so I’m not implying any law breaking. SO this might not be for kiddies…

[The heroine from the game goes by Moriko and munchasaurus goes by Toshi]

Hunting Raptors part one

Mei Lan was trying to teach her V raptor how to hunt on command… Sure Lin had the drive but she did not relinquish her catch like Sean’s nychus did. He commented that V raptors might not be as trainable… Moriko had a V raptor that brought her back birds and small game no problem. She was working on training her penta to carry the thing around on its back like the cheetahs and horses once trained by royalties in the cat’s native range. Kowloon was caught up in this new vivosaur craze too… He had a V raptor he’d dubbed Talon… Moriko had named hers Falcon… Moriko wondered if teaching by example might work for Lin. She’d pointed out that Sean had trained his nychus Fang by showing it cooper’s hawks and dogs in action. Becky’s U raptor Chief had learned from Fang who also taught Falcon. Kowloon seemed to have snuck letting Talon observe someone else. Mei Lan had to teach hers to take on deer and other big game… But Lin didn’t seem interested in chasing deer… Boar seemed to pique her interest but Mei Lan wanted to start off with deer instead of vicious boar. Stryker took his spino fishing but that was about it… Hunting and fishing with vivosaurs along with racing vivosaurs had become this new craze and the wardens needed to be experienced in doing this… Mei Lan was watching Moriko trying to train her saddled penta to allow Falcon to sit on his back. But every time the massive vivosaur got nervous. Moriko was petting it offering comfort and the V raptor was just sitting there grooming on its back behind the saddle. Moriko climbed on the massive vivosaur’s back and issued the command to go at a walk… It was slow progress because the V raptor hopped up to a place where it could sit more comfortably in the shade offered by the frill and that made the larger vivosaur bellow. Moriko just resumed the command to walk as the smaller vivosaur got more comfortable even falling asleep but when the pace picked up the vivosaur moved back to behind the human while little Toshi was in his part of the saddle looking around. There was a place for the V raptor to actually get a good grip and hold on for dear life built into the design. Moriko actually got the penta to go at a full run which seemed to have a calming effect. When the penta stopped Moriko spotted something game birds and sent the V raptor after it. The V raptor actually jumped somehow grabbing two birds mid air and bringing them back. Mei Lan saw Lin watching this intently before running off and bringing Mei Lan a game bird about an hour later. It jumped on her bone buggy and Mei Lan had to correct it and get it IN the buggy. There were claw marks on the seat but Mei Lan didn’t care. Kowloon was out there somewhere hunting…
There were hunting laws in place that limited the amount of prey that could be caught and in what season you could hunt of course. It corresponded to the falconry season and a few raptors had accidentally grabbed people’s hawks and falcons mid dive. Stryker took his spino to a stocked lake full of arapaima. He took a picture then the vivosaur ate the fish. Its preference however was salmon there was a river stocked with king salmon the largest kind. Mei Lan had taken her V raptor salmon fishing watching it jump around in the shallows trying to catch fish. Then she’d watched the spino and stood perfectly still until it was time to grab a fish. Mei Lan figured that her V raptor did learn by observation and Sean was working on teaching his nychus to hunt feral hogs so going with him might be the secret to getting Lin ready to hunt boar…
Dec 1 2014, 10:32 AM
Here's how to enter a tournament:

Post your friend codes to enter the tournament system. You are allowed to decline individual tournaments without giving a reason by simply not signing up to that particular tournament in the first place.
But there may be a friend safari tournament, where you are only allowed to use Pokémon caught in a friend safari so even if you don't want to participate exchanging friend codes will help the rest of us get a more balanced team. Any friend code posted here can be added to anyone's list but it only works if an exchange takes place. If you want to donate a friend code and not participate just say so.

To enter any tournament post your name and friend code on the topic where the individual tournament rules are posted.
Nov 29 2014, 10:07 PM
So, this is a club where we discuss paranormal things.

Bigfoot? Ghosts? Aliens? It's all welcome!

Here's a form to join:

Age (Optional):
What paranormal things interest you?:

So hope you guys will join!
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You do know that you can see your pm's in the top right corner right? I sent you some and I wanna make sure you know how to see them.
Nov 28 2014, 06:39 PM
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