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Jun 10 2016, 06:30 AM
Well guys, here it is. That one thing I've been talking about for ages. I'm going through it and revising heavily, so I figured I'd update it here while I'm at it. Why not. Let's just hope I actually get through all of them.


Chapter One: Retelling Isn’t Allo-wed
"Damon, quit staring at the scenery and get over here already!" The voice of my childhood friend broke through the sounds of the trees rustling in the wind as I stood along the edge of a cliff, looking out towards the sky.

I simply ignored him and focused my attention on the odd, yet somewhat familiar, yellow creature that flew from the mountaintop. However, I finally gave in after another interruption and walked over to the base of the path that led up the mountain.

"It's about time you got here! I've been calling you for ages! Whatever it is you're doing can't be that interesting!" he impatiently called, as if trying to move me by willpower alone.

"For your information, what I was looking at was…" I began, but trailed off as I noticed he wasn't really paying attention. I glared at him, but he continued to dash back and forth towards the path, trying to coerce me into speeding up after him. Suddenly he secured his hat on his head and shouted “Race you to the top!” I shrugged and let him disappear into the foliage, his green jacket blending in with the mountain’s environment. Several minutes later I finished my stroll to the top of the mountain path, where my friend was eagerly awaiting my arrival.

"Ha! I beat you again!" he exclaimed, pointing his finger at me.

"And that's surprising how?" I suppressed the urge to snap at him, since I knew his hollow bragging was simply meant to irritate me, and nothing more. I sighed and attempted to change the subject. "Remind me what exactly we're doing at the top of this mountain?"

"We're looking for wild Vivosaurs!" He apparently mistook my dumbfounded look as one of confusion, since he continued, "What, you don't remember what Vivosaurs are? Man, for such a smart guy, you sure forget things a lot."

I scoffed. "I remember what Vivosaurs are."

"Prove it."

Adopting what I assumed to be a very refined tone of voice, I recited a well-known textbook line,"Vivosaurs are creatures revived from fossils found by Fossil Fighters. While the name technically means 'Live Lizard,' Vivosaurs such as Mammoth and Tryma are not actually reptiles, but mammals and birds, respectively. Also, it's rumored that-"

"Alright, cool it, Damon-pedia. You made your point," he smirked. “I’m just messing with you, you know that.”

"Yeah, well you sure do a great job of showing it," I muttered, but before he could reply, a bush rustled behind us. I whipped my head around and stared intently at the shrub. "What were you saying about wild Vivosaurs?"

"Oh yeah. I heard a rumor that there were wild Vivosaurs up here, and I figured it’d be great if we could nab one."

"And how did you plan on doing this without any equipment?" I asked, turning away from the now still bush.

"Well, when you put it that way, it sounds a little stupid."

"Only a little stupid?"

"At least I wasn't the one who was staring at nothing the entire time!"

"I told you, I wasn't staring off into space, I was looking at-"

Suddenly, an Allosaurus burst out from behind the foliage and roared. I looked my friend in the eye, nodded, and we tore down the mountainside. As the Vivosaur continued to pursue us, I could feel my legs tiring when my leg slipped out from underneath my body, flinging me forwards into a small grove of trees. I hoped that the sound of breaking branches was my friend coming after me, and after a few apprehensive moments, I looked up. There was no sign of anyone else when a girl cried out "Go, Aeros!" Her exclamation was soon followed by one from a man with a Western accent, apparently giving her instructions. "Now then, let's make yer Vivosaur attack the Allosaurus." I shuffled closer to the path as I observed a light-blue Vivosaur with sharp claws and yellow feathers releasing a blast of wind towards the Allosaurus. Its blue body, covered in square, white markings, was thrown back. It retaliated by biting the Aeros, which roared angrily at the injury. Another strike from Aeros and the Allo calmed down, shrinking down to a circular object a little smaller than my fist. Satisfied the Allo was no longer considering making us its main course, I looked backward for my friend.

"Bob? Hello? Why did that guy have to wear camo?"

"The camo isn't the reason you can't see me," A voice from under me groaned.

"Whoops!" I immediately jumped off of him, and he slowly got up. "Hey, look over here."

"What is it?" Bob grumbled, probably still sore about me flattening him.

"I think that's Joe Wildwest, the world-famous Fossil Fighter." And as if to prove my point, the man in a brown cowboy outfit declared himself as that very same person. Not long after, he left, leaving the boy and girl alone. They began happily celebrating, and that's when I got a good look at who they were.

"Hey that's Dina and Todd from back in town, right?" I asked, puzzled as to why the two of them were up on the mountain.

"Yeah, I guess so," Bob dismissively replied.

"So," I said, remembering our reasons for being here, "Wild Vivosaurs actually live on this mountain, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"… There’s something going on here…"

"Well… don’t kill me, but I may have told more people than just you.”


"Well, I told Todd about it before I asked you to go, but he ran off as soon as he heard and-" Bob stopped as I held my hand up to his face.

"You told Todd to come here because there were Vivosaurs, and he brought Dina along with him."

"Yes, and also yes."

I held my head in my hands and groaned. "Dude we are going to die. Like it's not even funny how much we are going to die."

"Hey, come on now, I'm sure nothing will happen."


"Okay, so the situation is a little bad, but I'm sure we'll be fine. So can you please stop breathing all over the back of my neck?"

"… I'm in front of you, Bob."

The two of us slowly turned around, and staring us straight in the face were two very large sets of teeth.



Once again, we ran from the mountain, only to be trapped next to a sheer cliff, the two new Vivosaurs staring intently at us.

"Really, why can't people abandon the herbivorous ones? Why does it have to be the ones that might actually eat us?" I complained.

"Oh, quit your whining. You brought it with you, right?"


"Yeah." He drew a circle in the air. “It.”

"Oh, you mean my Dino Medal? Yeah, why didn’t you just say so?"

"Because I don’t want to agitate them!" He yelled, waving his arms.

"And flailing your arms around like a chicken without a head is going to help?"


And at that point, the Vivosaurs charged.

Apr 7 2016, 08:27 AM
So I was recently thinking about how to justify this in-universe. When, in-game, you use the Cleaning-Party Emporium (I'll abbreviate as CPE), you and your pal(s) who have Fossil Fighters: Champions collaboratively clean a fossil. While most useful for Fossils that require lots of cleaning, like Giant Fossil Rocks, it can also be used for cleaning Regular Fossil Rocks as well. Most notably you and your paleo pal(s) (ba-dum-tiss) can collaboratively (or just have one person do all the work) clean Miraculous/Wonderous Fossil Rocks and EACH get one copy to integrate into your Vivosaurs, effectively doubling that Mircaculous/Wonderous Fossil Rock. This can also be used to take advantage of Red-Boned Fossils, rare Vivosaurs like E-Raptor and Shenliu, and even the five Chickens. And yes, I've tried.

Bottom line is, I'm still thinking about how to justify this "duplication." Perhaps to nerf the emporium in the story, each fighter recieves a portion of the fossil? But it would necessitate cleaning multiple of the fossils regardless of score, unlike in the actual game. However, this would not affect a Vivosaur's consciousness or personality, as that would be created upon revival and through life experiences. Still, this doesn't quite sit completely right in my mind, and I wanted to know if anyone else has any other ideas.
Mar 23 2016, 12:37 AM
So like Plot's Brewing, this is mainly meant as a discussion thread for ideas, characters, ect. planned to appear in the collaborative work titled Shooting Star Zero. Yes we started this before we finished the Champions one, because let's face it, five arcs is a hell of a lot to go through. And also Frontier was hella cool (according to me and not too many other people oops). But here's the basic rundown.

- Pulse - One of the three newly appointed Wardens assigned to a team, whose main charge is to track down and retrieve rogue Vivosaurs. A ninja apprentice who grew up working on a family farm and market, TriceraCrops. Pulse's farming background left a deep care for the Vivosaurs that worked alongside her, and instilled an ideal of hard work and fairness. The ninja she trained under taught her control over the element of water; however, in the short year of training before joining the wardens, she has only managed to grasp the basics, and thus carries her master's tome, the Aquaticus, in order to further enhance her abilities.

- Ribbon - One of the three newly appointed Wardens assigned to a team, whose main charge is to track down and retrieve rogue Vivosaurs.
[Lepa, feel free to write up a little blurb for me to add, since I doubt I'd be able to write a better one at this point.]

- Glace - One of the three newly appointed Wardens assigned to a team, whose main charge is to track down and retrieve rogue Vivosaurs.
[Same for E44]

- Boyd Fowler - An employee for INTERFOL, he has agreed to take a Commanding Officer position for a group of Wardens.

- Newt Honeywell - The supervisor for the Fossil Park's adolescent care.

- Crow - A coma victim.

I'll add more characters and update as the story progresses.

Jan 16 2016, 09:39 PM
So I decided to try my luck with the Survival Challenge again earlier today, and I'm going strong at 30 wins right now. I'll update if/when there is an end or I lose. But I (and maybe a few others) was wondering how far you've gone in the challenge, and what strategies you might have?

RIP the streak at 33
Aug 4 2015, 10:36 PM
Hey guys, not too much to know about me I guess. Fossil Fighters related things, I run the Fossil Fighters Wiki as head admin, writing a fanfic that has like 5 other fanfics by other people tagged onto it, I tend to use lots of Water Vivosaurs in my battles. Other than that that pretty much covers the basics on me so yeah.
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