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Mar 1 2016, 04:53 PM
I'm making a separate post for my game doodles.

it was all garbage so i deleted it
Sep 26 2015, 08:42 PM

Alright, I'm gonna be ravaged for my opinion, but... I personally HATE the first game. Frontier is much better than that... compilation of awful derailment.

Frontier has a story. It's an alright one. But don't act like Champions was a masterpiece, or that FF1's was actually goof. It isn't. The story was deus ex machinas everywhere and more out of control than a trainwreck. The characters? Lacking tons of personality and any sight of an arc for development. Rosie is the only one with a personality, and it's one note and cliché. The dinaurians were 100% unnecessary. This would be fine, if they actually contributed something. But all they did was make the story even longer, even worse, and way too outlandish to the point of it not fitting. Seriously, the game is about fighting with and reviving dinosaurs on an island. Where do aliens or a space tadpole fit into that? With ZongaZonga, his existence was a driving force of the plot, and made sense when partnered with the game’s setting, an archipelago with a slew of ancient history. Blackraven’s world domination fits, because the locations of the settings are all around the world. Frontier’s characters basically had as much depth as Champions, give or take a few. Champions's characters aren't any gamechangers, but they are more than satisfactory enough when it comes to arcs and traits.

As for the gameplay, Frontier still stands at the worst, but FF1 is no gem. In Champions, the gameplay is simple, which allows the group it is aimed at to enjoy the game as much as the adults. FF1 has EXCRUTIATING gameplay, to the point where as a small 10 year old, I had to take two, two-month-long hiatuses. Two months. Champions, I was able to beat the game within 20 hours worth, basically only took a few days. And I was rusty. Frontier only took 30 hours worth to beat, so around five to seven days. FF1 took me 70 hours worth. As a ten year old, that is around three weeks of time. FF1's difficulty and puzzling battle system just isn't suitable for the aimed demographic.

Also, while everyone is complaining about the Frontier vivosaur designs, they fail to remove the nostalgia goggles to see how AWFUL the original FF1 designs were. Of course, there was a good amount of tolerable or decent ones, but many were a bright, colorful harassment on the eyes.

Now, Frontier definitely has problems that makes it below Champions. But, FF1 was definitely the worst. It’s understandable, since it was the first game in the franchise, but it doesn’t give the game a pass into the good category. The fact that people praise FF1 like a golden goose, and even more, those rancid dinaurians like golden geese, just boggles me.

Sorry, I just really needed to get this out of my system...

Let's see how many nostalgia-blind people attack me for this.
Aug 8 2015, 03:59 PM
garbage garbage garbage
Aug 5 2015, 01:07 PM
Salutations. I'm Dexter, but you can also call me Rupert, Todd, Dino, or Frett. W/E you want to call me.

I'm not to interesting of a person, and I'm not much a Fossil Fighters fan any more. But, if you wanna talk to me, that's cool, I guess.

As a note, there's a certain few people who I will ignore and/or block.
You know who you'd be.
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