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 New Year, Old Hopes
 Posted: Jan 3 2018, 03:30 AM
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This morning at 2am when I'm finishing setting up my Christmas {and first ever} laptop, I am also looking back upon my life. So much good with the bad!

Not certain how much I should share about my private life in these empty digital public halls, yet I still wanted to express just how much I need a "win" this year!! Since 2006 I have been wandering in search of where I fit [actually it dawned on me in the last part of 2005 but at that particular moment I still had a cushion of a few weeks before the inevitable came to pass].

Each year brought me here or there trying some new things yet nothing that answered my need. Still, eleven years later, I am searching and hoping! And so I write this mainly to my myself during 2018's budding moments, still in search of that elusive victory.

And so what are YOUR hopes in life? Any "wins" that are a long time coming...three or more years in waiting?

You don't haveta tell me. Even I'm not being very concise! If you're out there and struggling of sorts in this way, I wish ya the best.

With warm regards, Peter.

Using Spinax for all BB Bandit activities since 2009. have a nice day.
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