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 Will you be getting the next nintendo handheld?
Will you get Nintendo's next handheld?
YES OF COURSE [ 0 ]  [0.00%]
Depends on the games that come out for it. [ 5 ]  [100.00%]
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 Posted on Sep 12 2016, 01:23 PM
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Let's face it, 3DS may be near the end of it's life cycle, I expect within the next 5 years a new handheld will be released.

So will you be getting it when it comes out?

Personally I'm not sure, I'm really straying away from Nintendo, I expect Pokemon Sun and Moon to be my last Pokemon game which will be on 3ds. I'd still love to play the new Fossil Fighters (by the time they make it I assume the new handheld will be out, unless we get lucky and they make it soon. But the time between FF games is only expanding as time goes on) but I'm also not a fan of spending hundreds of dollars for one game.

I prefer to only buy new systems if there are at least 2-3 games I'll like. So maybe I'll see about getting it as a gift, but otherwise I don't expect to get it, the thing is with consoles like Xbox One and PS4, they have a wide library of games and I can expect more to come out that'll interest me. I've only really used my nintendo handhelds for Pokemon and Fossil Fighters anyways, with an occasional side game like Animal Crossing, meaning I can't expect much that'll interest me to come out because most Nintendo games were never really my style anyways.

Even if I don't get the next handheld with the new Fossil Fighters, hopefully I will though, I'll still hang around here and look into the new game, host tournaments for it, you know, I'll still like Fossil Fighters, I just won't wanna pay hundreds of dollars for one game.

So will you guys get the next handhelds?

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