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 Fossil Rants: In app purchases need to stop!
 Posted: Sep 11 2016, 03:46 PM
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Ok, IDK if Fossil Rants are gonna be a new thing of mine here but here's another lol.

We've all been there, we download a free game, expect all this amazing stuff, and find out you have to pay real life money to get some of that stuff.

This rant will mostly be about Jurassic World: The Game, but can be applied to most in app purchase games.

So here's the thing, I don't mind little in app purchases, things like in Pokemon Go or other games that give players little bonuses don't bother me, it's when there are overpriced, or pay to win games it bugs me.

Overpriced Games: So in Jurassic World there are packs, and here are their prices for your reference: Mystery Pack (Free Daily), Common ($5), Rare ($10), Super Rare ($25), Legendary ($50), there are also event packs that can be bought for around these prices or only won in special events.

Now that you know the prices, your probably thinking they are overpriced, there must be a catch right? Nope, that's it. Ok, hold up, 50 flipping dollars for 1 pack in a video game, not 20 packs, not 10 packs, not 2 packs, 1 single pack. That's almost enough to buy an entire new game. And, to add to it, a dinosaur isn't even guaranteed! To add to it, these legendary dinosaurs can be gotten for free over time. It's harder, but it's possible.

Oh and sometimes, packs will cost anywheres from 80 to 120 dollars, such as the limited Mosasaur pack. Ok, 120 dollars for a single pack, the mosasaur is guaranteed, but still, 120 dollars for one digital pack, you could buy 2 entire video games with that money, but nope, they expect you to pay for one little pack in a game you already have.

Oh and one last thing, there's a thing known as V.I.P now which cost 40 bucks for 3 months of it, AND IT DOESN'T EVEN TELL YOU IT COSTS THAT MUCH IN THE GAME, it just has a buy VIP button and doesn't even tell you anywhere how much it costs, my only source was online from people that bought it.

Pay to win games: I wouldn't call Jurassic World or most games pay to win, more like pay to skip, pay to play for longer, pay for more enjoyment. But it's still pretty bad.

So V.I.P gives people exclusive dinosaurs and packs, before it was possible to get everything for free, hard, but possible. Now it's not, see one of your favorite dinosaurs is V.I.P only? Too bad, unless you wanna spend 40 bucks on this 1 digital dinosaur you won't get it.

Now, this can all happen in other games to an extent as well as I mentioned, what are some in app purchases in games you guys play that are like this? To be honest this is the worst I've seen, which is a real shame since I really wanna love this game and in a sense I do, but I just can't help but get mad at this type of stuff.

In app purchases are a great way for the developers to make money, but 50 dollars for a single in game item or pack is too far, and if you are gonna have pay to continue or win you might as well just make it so the game costs money on the app store.

Hi guys, I am the owner! Feel free to ask me or any of the moderators for help!

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Jurassic World: Vivosaurs-
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