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 Fossil Fighters In SSB Discussion
 Posted: Nov 28 2014, 09:11 PM
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So I just found out there's a fossil fighters trophy in SSB4. Pretty cool, but why not some playable characters? In the next one let's hope they have some playable Fossil Fighters characters or vivosaurs. Because trophies?

Barely anybody cares what games the trophies are from. A single trophy won't help advertise, a playable character will. Heck I am thinking to try mega man after playing the ssb4 demo, because I saw his amazing powers in the game and I am considering to play his game, which I never played before. So playable characters can really help if you ask me.

So discuss ideas on how you think fossil fighters could fit into ssb.

I think t rex should be playable and for his final smash he could become t rex lord and it would be like giga bowser.

And maybe they could have a fossil fighter character and I have ideas for moves:

B: Punch

Up B: A ptera appears and he grabs it's legs, so it would fly upwards

Side B: Sort of like villager's rocket, he would summon a tricera and it would charge forward, he would also ride it but you can get off the same way with villager. It can't fly like the rocket but tricera would do more damage than the villager rocket.

Down B: A standard spin kick

A: swings pickaxe

Up A: swings pickaxe like link swings his sword across the air

Side A: uses drill

Down A: Fossil falls from the sky and hits nearby fighters like pikachu's thunderbolt thing.

Final Smash: A cutscene like megaman's comes only the character holds up his hand and a t rex, tricera, and ptera all come and attack the other fighters.

Also I was thinking maybe there could be dino medals and they work like pokeballs only the fighter holds it up, it glows and the vivosaur appears here the player is and does it's special thing. Here's a few idea for those:

Tricera would charge like gogoat but it's bigger and does more damage

V raptor would go around melee attacking fighters

Brachio (and other sauropods) would stomp their feet a few times and it would make the ground around their feet have dust come up an any fighters in that range would get hurt.

Igno would open it's mouth and spit a huge orange beam in front of it.

Frigi would make a blizzard like kyurem does

And for the lols salada would make it rain giant croutons that damage fighters!

What do you guys think of these ideas and what are your ideas?

Hi guys, I am the owner! Feel free to ask me or any of the moderators for help!

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Jurassic World: Vivosaurs-
 Posted: Aug 12 2016, 01:09 PM
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I would definitely like to see more Fossil Fighters representations in Super Smash Bros. I hope next time, there will be more than just one trophy. I expect at least an Assist Trophy or a stage.
However, I doubt this serie will get a playable character, but well we'll see.
PS: If there is one character from the Fossil Fighters franchise that should be playable in Smash, it would be T-Rex.

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 Posted: Sep 6 2016, 04:34 AM
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If you've seen my profile picture and other posts you know exactly what I'd choose.

Nycto Ace (Dimorph Ace as one of the alternate skins)

Various attacks for directional light attacks, not every move in the world of Smash is fancy or full of game lore.

Standard A can be spammed to result in something like a very small-scale Nycto Typhoon, kinda like Robin's wind tome.

Side-Smash: A wing strike
Down-Smash: A tail swipe that damages all around Nycto Ace
Up-Smash: Nycto Somersault (A flying tail upwards swing)

Side Special: Nycto Star
Up Special: Recovery flight
Down Special: No idea yet, but no counter
Neutral Special: No idea yet

Final Smash: Nycto Hurricane

The idea for medals sounds cool, have the other vivosaurs come into battle as assists. Pokemon are playable despite there being pokeballs after all.

I'll think of more later, the sun has kinda... risen already.
Also I will admit, T-Rex is a lot more of an actually possible one, as it's the one everyone knows and happens to be ID #1.
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