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Sep 12 2016, 01:23 PM
Let's face it, 3DS may be near the end of it's life cycle, I expect within the next 5 years a new handheld will be released.

So will you be getting it when it comes out?

Personally I'm not sure, I'm really straying away from Nintendo, I expect Pokemon Sun and Moon to be my last Pokemon game which will be on 3ds. I'd still love to play the new Fossil Fighters (by the time they make it I assume the new handheld will be out, unless we get lucky and they make it soon. But the time between FF games is only expanding as time goes on) but I'm also not a fan of spending hundreds of dollars for one game.

I prefer to only buy new systems if there are at least 2-3 games I'll like. So maybe I'll see about getting it as a gift, but otherwise I don't expect to get it, the thing is with consoles like Xbox One and PS4, they have a wide library of games and I can expect more to come out that'll interest me. I've only really used my nintendo handhelds for Pokemon and Fossil Fighters anyways, with an occasional side game like Animal Crossing, meaning I can't expect much that'll interest me to come out because most Nintendo games were never really my style anyways.

Even if I don't get the next handheld with the new Fossil Fighters, hopefully I will though, I'll still hang around here and look into the new game, host tournaments for it, you know, I'll still like Fossil Fighters, I just won't wanna pay hundreds of dollars for one game.

So will you guys get the next handhelds?
Sep 11 2016, 04:25 PM
So I was thinking, we have more members now, the 2 year anniversary of Fossil Fighters: Frontier is coming up, and we haven't had any special events on this forum, and I'd really like too.

The online game of F3 has died, I cannot find a single person to battle, meaning if 2 people got on at the same time, they could fight each other.

I know I know, F3 is pretty bad and nobody really plays it now (I don't think so anyways) but we can't use the other games clearly, and plus, we never got to enjoy using the online side of any FF games as a forum.
So, here's how it would work:

You must sign up on what the official thread will be for it as an entrant.

Battles would be at any time chosen between players as long as they are matched up against eachother, there would be a battle thread to report battles in which both players would have to confirm the winner.

Players must register their Nintendo ID so that they will know they are fighting the right people (aka your 3ds name)

Myself and any other helpers would handle the leaderboard and matching up players, there would be a leaderboard within the official battle thread as well.

NOTE: I may or may not enter this tournament, depends on if I can or not in March, however, if I do I'd like to inform you all it will not be biased, if I enter I will not be looking over any teams.

At the end of the month, or the end of all the fights, whichever happens first, a winner will be declared, maybe there will be a prize, maybe not, still thinking about what I could do as a prize, you could also get a custom title as the winner of our first tournament if you'd like.

Players may use the private message system or shoutbox here to communicate before and/or during a match, communication between players will be needed as players pick a time that works well for both of them. You may also use other communication methods but it isn't recommended unless you 100% trust the other person.

So it's a rough idea, but we have a few months to smooth it out, I'd REALLY enjoy to do this sort of thing, I really would love it now that our forum is more active and we may have enough players. But we can't without you guys, answer the poll and if we think enough would enter for a tournament, we will do it. Please I'd really like to do this please
Sep 11 2016, 03:46 PM
Ok, IDK if Fossil Rants are gonna be a new thing of mine here but here's another lol.

We've all been there, we download a free game, expect all this amazing stuff, and find out you have to pay real life money to get some of that stuff.

This rant will mostly be about Jurassic World: The Game, but can be applied to most in app purchase games.

So here's the thing, I don't mind little in app purchases, things like in Pokemon Go or other games that give players little bonuses don't bother me, it's when there are overpriced, or pay to win games it bugs me.

Overpriced Games: So in Jurassic World there are packs, and here are their prices for your reference: Mystery Pack (Free Daily), Common ($5), Rare ($10), Super Rare ($25), Legendary ($50), there are also event packs that can be bought for around these prices or only won in special events.

Now that you know the prices, your probably thinking they are overpriced, there must be a catch right? Nope, that's it. Ok, hold up, 50 flipping dollars for 1 pack in a video game, not 20 packs, not 10 packs, not 2 packs, 1 single pack. That's almost enough to buy an entire new game. And, to add to it, a dinosaur isn't even guaranteed! To add to it, these legendary dinosaurs can be gotten for free over time. It's harder, but it's possible.

Oh and sometimes, packs will cost anywheres from 80 to 120 dollars, such as the limited Mosasaur pack. Ok, 120 dollars for a single pack, the mosasaur is guaranteed, but still, 120 dollars for one digital pack, you could buy 2 entire video games with that money, but nope, they expect you to pay for one little pack in a game you already have.

Oh and one last thing, there's a thing known as V.I.P now which cost 40 bucks for 3 months of it, AND IT DOESN'T EVEN TELL YOU IT COSTS THAT MUCH IN THE GAME, it just has a buy VIP button and doesn't even tell you anywhere how much it costs, my only source was online from people that bought it.

Pay to win games: I wouldn't call Jurassic World or most games pay to win, more like pay to skip, pay to play for longer, pay for more enjoyment. But it's still pretty bad.

So V.I.P gives people exclusive dinosaurs and packs, before it was possible to get everything for free, hard, but possible. Now it's not, see one of your favorite dinosaurs is V.I.P only? Too bad, unless you wanna spend 40 bucks on this 1 digital dinosaur you won't get it.

Now, this can all happen in other games to an extent as well as I mentioned, what are some in app purchases in games you guys play that are like this? To be honest this is the worst I've seen, which is a real shame since I really wanna love this game and in a sense I do, but I just can't help but get mad at this type of stuff.

In app purchases are a great way for the developers to make money, but 50 dollars for a single in game item or pack is too far, and if you are gonna have pay to continue or win you might as well just make it so the game costs money on the app store.
Sep 7 2016, 12:31 PM
One of the saddest things about Fossil Fighters is that unlike Pokemon, the new games die out fast.

Why is this? Well, nobody seems interested in doing anything once they finish the game. Likely because it's so underrated and theres never a big enough group that wants to keep playing.

Now look at Pokemon, they have a whole tier system, people can get really competitive about it, and it keeps the game alive because of the community mainly and with a few special mystery gifts now and then. Yet the game gets no new gameplay mechanics or updates until the next game but the current game survives months after.

Here's the thing, I've tried being a competitive pokemon player, I can tell you right now, IT SUCKS. If you are one, I'm not trying to offend you, but it's just not for me. Sitting there and grinding out EV's and breeding is just way too much for me to actually enjoy it.

But what about Fossil Fighters? It has such a big potential with these different vivosaurs and support effects and zones(besides frontier)
to have such an amazing metagame that everyone has time for. The only thing you are doing is training vivosaurs, digging, and thinking about team strategies. None of that grindy and confusing EV or breeding stuff. It's still enough to be competitive. See I would get into a Fossil Fighters metagame because it would take less time and appeals to me more.

The game already has the potential to do this, it's just that not many people take advantage of it and it's not enough to bloom into a big community end goal.

Maybe Fossil Fighters 4 will have a good metagame, who knows, but would you continue building teams and fighting online if it was popular enough?
Aug 19 2016, 07:17 PM
We all know, we've all been or are there, school, for the most part, sucks. You need it, but it still sucks. This rant will be mostly about high school. This isn't coming from an angry student that failed a test or had something bad happen, it's what I've always thought.

So where to start, hmmm. So you walk into school, new year, the first week, easy! But then it really begins, here we go.

Bad teachers: Ok I'm not talking about the ones that punish fairly, no, I mean the ones that freak out about every little thing. For example, if someone is having a full conversation, yeah yell at them for disruption, but some teachers yell at people for making a quick comment to their friend. Or if you forget your pencil one day and they freak out, even if you never forgot it before. We have a life outside school, we aren't robots to do your papers, nobody thinks. People forget things, it's not the end of the world. If you forget every day, you need to have a system sure, but once every few months shouldn't be punished. We are only humans.

Homework: Studying for a test? Ok. Making me do more work after spending 6 hours doing it and taking more time out of my personal time? No, and homework doesn't teach anything, it's more likely to have cheating students since nobody can see them search it up and homework teaches nothing. "Oh it helps you memorize" no, it's never helped me memorize, if you need to memorize you can study it and have an option. I'm here, I never need to study and I'm getting a's on testing, only getting low grades cuz homework, it doesn't help anyone. Study if you need to, don't if you don't, all this homework is just wasting time of people that don't need to study.

Stress: "But high school students dont get stressed" shh. Yeah, we do, surveys show more stressed than adults. What do you do at a job? The same thing, sure it varies with jobs and there is still stress, but are you learning new things every week and being told your future depends on this? Unless you get promoted, usually not. We are stressed, so many subjects, so many tests, due dates, homework, grades, add a social life, growing, dating, we are stressed is my point. Too stressed over things that may not even matter much in our future.

They say it gets worse: Best years of your life? Depends on the person's life. And they say and make it so it gets harder and worse. So you are teaching kids life gets worse as time goes on. Umm, no, you will have ups and downs in life, but the future will almost always be better, even if you go through bad events, you usually heal from them and you are always a better person than you were before.

Summer reading: Ok, you just crossed the line. Our school gets graded on if we read books. First of all, intelligence isn't whether you wasted time reading a book you hate. Second, summer is OUR time, no teachers, no textbooks, freedom to be completely social and chill and give our brains a break. Reading a fictional book will not teach me ANYTHING helpful for my life. Especially one I don't care about. 2 more things left.

Laziness vs not trying: I've been called lazy because I didn't do homework before. No, I am hardworking, if I actually care about what I'm doing. I'll work hard in a relationship, or to be a good friend, or to do my job, or to keep pets, etc, because I care about these things. I couldn't care less about homework I'll forget in 2 months.

Useless classes: Science classes. They need to be electives, unless you wanna be a scientist, you don't need them, you wanna be a scientist? Take em, but if not we shouldn't be forced to take em. At least math and english and such can be applied to many different jobs.

You never learn anything useful: Let's see, I'll leave high school not knowing how to pay bills, how to buy a house, how to do a job interview, etc. But man I'm glad I learned how fast a ball falls to the ground in physics class. You are taught to memorize things for a test, then 2 months later you forget. I just finished freshman year and I remember, pretty much nothing besides a few random facts I could learn by watching youtube or something. I learned everything I need in elementary and middle, now I'm using high school to practice being more social and come out of my shell, that's it. I'm forgetting everything I learn, i mean memorize, in classes.

So that's my little rant , reply
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