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 Posted on Jul 31 2016, 08:35 PM
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QUOTE (Lepa @ Jul 31 2016, 10:07 PM)
I believe they got rid of it because of sites like Pokevision being able to tell people where Pokemon are located on a real world map? Plus, the footsteps thing never seemed to work for me anyway since things would pop up even if there were three footprints... Unless that's the broken thing you were talking about.

I wish I had friends to play this with, I've never really kept in contact with people. There's also literally nothing around my neighborhood (within reasonable walking distance) and I still haven't learned how to drive, so I usually only catch things by going with my parents to run errands. :/ At the very least, it's convinced me to get out of the house more...

The update also added in the feature to freely recustomize your trainer as much as you want, along with adding a few new clothing items. I got me a Red hat now

Pokevision and other sites came because of the 3 step glitch. Yes that's the glitch, it always displays 3 steps no matter how close they are, it used to be 2 or 1 step if you were getting closer. Now that they took down tracking sites without fixing their own in game tracking system first, people are mad and where as you could hunt down rare pokemon before, now they just sit there in nearby list taunting you and you have to hope you run into them. I think they will bring tracking back and just removed footsteps so they don't confuse new players.

It's mainly that Niantic never says why they took this away or why the glitch is happening, they never communicate with their players well and that's making people mad. We have to guess they will bring tracking back but can't be sure because they can't be bothered to post on twitter whether or not they will bring back tracking. This is going to lead to confusion in the future.

I don't play as much now, not because of glitching, but because there's not much around here, all my closest stops and gyms are on a busy street. That's a lot of waiting to cross, and less foot traffic, making me feel unsafe. I'll usually only go out with friends now or around my neighborhood. The real fun will be when I go places. I too go with my parents for errands for this and can't drive quite yet, close to being able to though Then I'm gonna go bankrupt from gas money for this game lol.

My main worry is that this game will die before schools back, I'm hoping to be way more social this year, and this game is a great conversation starter. That's perfect timing.

UPDATE: They claim they are experimenting with tracking. I feel like once they fix that and start adding new things like trading and battling outside gyms plus generation 2 pokemon the game will bounce right back.

Hi guys, I am the owner! Feel free to ask me or any of the moderators for help!

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