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 General Rules (PLEASE READ!)
 Posted: Dec 29 2014, 12:52 PM
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Here are the rules, these must be followed ANYWHERE on the site!

1. No swearing, we are family friendly forum! The occasional 'crap' is fine though. This also means no inappropiate content! If you are unsure if it's ok pm me first!

2. No hacking, whether it's in game or not, we will not discuss it here!

3. Respect the mods, they are here to enforce rules. If you think a mod is being unfair then pm me and I will deal with the situation or tell you if what they are doing is ok.

4. No bullying, we are a kind community! Criticism is allowed however, just try not to be mean about it!

5. No spam, saying something like 'hi' is for the shoutbox.

6. Double posting is allowed, just don't spam. Also try to avoid double posting if possible, and you can edit posts, so besides bumping threads there's no reason to double post.

7. Please try to avoid wierd avatars and no avatars that break these rules. WE suggest you use a vivosaur pic as it's the most suiting thing for the site.

8. We will not discuss illegal content or drugs. EVER. Whether you are joking or not, speaking of drugs is not allowed! This is a fossil fighters forum, not a criminal hangout! ALSO! REMEMBER TO PAY ATTENTION TO COPYRIGHT! YOU MUST GIVE CREDIT FOR SOMETHING THAT ISN'T YOURS!

9. If somebody is being creepy/breaking rules, please report them to one of the mods!

10. Please note that if somebody posts a link to a site for an article or piece of art, that while that page is appropriate, some parts of the site may not be. An example is deviantart, if somebody links you to a picture of paleo art on deviantart that is appropriate, we are not responsible if you venture out into deviantart and find inappropriate content, if the page they linked is appropriate it's fine. So please, if you decide to venture out into a site, do it with caution, or don't, it doesn't matter, we are not responsible so long as the page the person linked is appropriate itself.

11. Signatures: Don't worry! You will be warned if your signature is too big, there is no exact limit, but if we think it's too big you will be pmed about it to let you know!

12. Bumping threads is allowed! But if you keep bumping for a year and get no new replies, then you must stop bumping the thread until someone replies (if someone replies)

13. Post in the right section! If you are unsure about what section it should be in, just post it where you think and us admins will move it.

14. If you are an admin or moderator, then please, please stay active if possible. If you are inactive for over a year, then your privlages and rank will be taken, you can get them back though when you come back!

Also some notes: FF means Fossil Fighters and FFC mean Fossil Fighters Champions! FFF means Fossil Fighters Frontier!

That's it for now, but rules may be added!


Hi guys, I am the owner! Feel free to ask me or any of the moderators for help!

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