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 Console-Banned on Miiverse?!, CAUTION: Gloomy Gus in the Comments!
 Posted: Sep 9 2017, 04:30 PM
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I now know how it feels to have been banned from Miiverse. {although this is NOT videogame related it IS Nintendo related}

A week ago I began trying to save a few online acquaintanceships by asking my Miiverse pals if they wanted to send a private message containing either email or Facebook accounts. I was randomly tagged by a few administrator-bots as having or posting personal information...and was henceforth banned from my favorite online forum. [sorry, Tyrannosaur Talk]

So now I must wait two weeks for being stupid.

Not that it matters since Miiverse has all but dried up entirely when that bare-bones Switch hit store shelves. *sigh* Ya know, lately in my life things have been goin' pretty sour: a kind of atmosphere of depression. I've been 'meh' over videogames for some time in spite of a childhood/teenageer/young-adulthood being very adamant over gaming. And then Nintendo seems to have changed its character into being nothing more than a money-grubbing machine of multiple spin-off games.

And as I am adjusting to a new, sadder phase in my life (personal stuff), I get banned for some reason [clearly not what they said I did] leaving me to sit here an' question my several life choices.

So, yeah, it has been kinda like a butt-kicking marathon between Nintendo and I for a year or so, which helped me to break away from my addiction to videogames: from being repeatedly ripped off by Club Nintendo {losing hundreds of 'coins'-mentioned in my Miiverse profile}, being continually overhyped over games which turned out to be overpriced-having many DLC components-and very much unnecessary distractions, and then to see that Nintendo is happy to take my money without providing much for the consoles I buy...these reasons and a few personal ones hath impacted me like so.

Anyhoo...hadta vent.
It just seems to me that there's recently more to regret about my once-favorite company an' industry than I could have ever imagined as a kid. It's like being let down by the one friend you never thought would.

Using Spinax for all BB Bandit activities since 2009. have a nice day.
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