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 PLEASE READ: How Comments Work
 Posted: Aug 5 2015, 01:24 PM
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So in the lower right (or one of the tabs) on user profiles you can see comments. I need to explain something as it is a mistake many people make.

So, say that i comment on somebody's profile, they will be informed about that comment. However, if I do this, the person I commented to usually replies right there on their profile. THIS IS NOT HOW IT SHOULD BE USED.

If somebody leaves a comment on your profile and you want to reply to it, then comment on THEIR profile, not yours! This is because if you reply on yours they will not be informed and will never know you replied.

I simply needed to clear this up, it's a mistake most of you make, and I hope you understand now. There is nothing wrong with this mistake, but it has become so common that it really needed to be explained how it should actually be used. Thanks for reading, and happy commenting!

The point of commenting is to leave a comment faster that everyone who views the profile can see. Overall it's faster than pming but if you need to say something longer or you don't want other members to see the msg (again, you still must follow the rules when pming!) then pming is the way to go. If it's soomething you need to say that is shorter and you won't mind others seeing, feel free to use the quicker commenting option!

Have a nice day and thanks for reading!

Hi guys, I am the owner! Feel free to ask me or any of the moderators for help!

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