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If you haven't tried all three Fossil Fighters games I encourage ya to play them. They're better than you'd expect.

Take care you guys!
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May 2 2018, 11:16 AM
Hello all, PaPierre here.

A little while ago I got back into this game "Cube Creator" after I played F3 for too many hours in one week. Hadta move on for a bit. Anyhoo, I decided now was the time to continue on with my survival campaign in which I found a nifty way to harvest apples and lumber, dug an extensive network of underground caverns, and was part-way into building an eight-story warehouse in the middle of a desert.

Almost done with it after fifteen extra hours. I'd like to show ya if I can via screenshots.
Apr 6 2018, 11:59 PM
Hello all, PaPierre here.

Formerly, I'd leave Miiverse with all my videogame comments, drawings, and screenshots...but Nintendo nuked it so I'm left with a gaping digital crater. Fortunately I have this Fossil Fighters specific forum and several Fossil Fighters fans to share this most recent romp into F3: Fossil Fighters Frontier!

A) the third in the series, three letter 'F's in the title, and C) the first game in the franchise to utilize autostereoscopy, or "glassesless 3D"...THREE reasons to nickname this title F3.

So I want to replay this game--and play it all the way through--if you wanna join in the forum and begin your own, feel free to do so!
Apr 3 2018, 03:54 PM
Hello all.

Today I got an opportunity to race against my brother, Joshua. We played multiplayer team mode in a standard balloon battle set to hard cpu and eight-five minute matches.

I tell ya...those controls are NOT good like they are in the original WiiU version! I can't use the brake anymore without it drifting and that funky analog stick is placed so awkwardly that it becomes tedious trying to toss items backward. Also, the home/snapshot button and the positive/negative buttons get in the way.

However, aside from that, it was a fun time toasting others and getting blown up. Josh does well in games like these!
Feb 3 2018, 04:46 PM
Hello all, PaPierre here.

As I was playing Harvest Moon The Tale of Two Towns on my Nintendo DS Lite, I chose to go against my way of not using the internet for help (trying to learn how to mine...if I had just not cheated I would have soon discovered the answer on my own [seeing as I had already met all the requirements and simply needed to WAIT]), I became curious if there was any news regarding a new Fossil Fighters installment.

I guess there is a probably-fake tidbit out there for another Fossil Fighters 3DS game, called "Ultra", and that it will pop up in April of this year to commemorate it's ten-year anniversary. Never heard of anything before via Nintendo so, we'll see.
Jan 3 2018, 03:30 AM

This morning at 2am when I'm finishing setting up my Christmas {and first ever} laptop, I am also looking back upon my life. So much good with the bad!

Not certain how much I should share about my private life in these empty digital public halls, yet I still wanted to express just how much I need a "win" this year!! Since 2006 I have been wandering in search of where I fit [actually it dawned on me in the last part of 2005 but at that particular moment I still had a cushion of a few weeks before the inevitable came to pass].

Each year brought me here or there trying some new things yet nothing that answered my need. Still, eleven years later, I am searching and hoping! And so I write this mainly to my myself during 2018's budding moments, still in search of that elusive victory.

And so what are YOUR hopes in life? Any "wins" that are a long time coming...three or more years in waiting?

You don't haveta tell me. Even I'm not being very concise! If you're out there and struggling of sorts in this way, I wish ya the best.

With warm regards, Peter.
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Hello! And welcome to Fossil Fighters Forums: Tyrannosaur Talk.

The sun is shining, the wispy clouds are streaking 'cross the sky, and on this mildly humid mid-spring morning my pal Mario dashes down the stone path leading to Bianco Hills.

Hope you have almost as much fun as he's having here within these forums!!
Jan 27 2015, 12:43 PM
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