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Mar 6 2016, 03:01 PM
Fun feature for X and Y: Friend Safaris!

Once the player has entered the Hall of Fame, they are able to access Kiloude City and thus the Friend Safari. At the Friend Safari, the player is able to access Safaris for any Friends that are successfully registered in the 3DS's friend list (regardless of whether or not that person has played Pokémon X and Y). Each Safari has designated Pokémon that can be encountered, all belonging to a designated type; these are determined by the Friend's friend code and will not change. As such, any players who successfully register a given friend code in their 3DS will all be able to access the exact same Friend Safari. There is no way for the player to access the Friend Safari for their own 3DS.

So I figured this would be a nice place to share what we have. I could definitely use a few more.

I have Rock type safari with Dwebble, Magcargo and Shuckle. Not a fan of it. :/
Feb 26 2016, 07:51 PM
Uhhh I have a bunch of stuff saved up over the years and usually I'd like to post individual pictures with small explanations underneath 'em... but for now I think it'd be better to post my art summaries, aka "take your best art piece you made during each month of the year and put them together at the end of the year."

Like I said in the chatbox, I like to work on my stuff without being interrupted and that usually goes late into the night. That includes posting my art in my art topics~! ...It's just, uh, I have to try and sleep earlier tonight, so I might as well hold off from dumping everything. It's easier to see my progress over a summary of art, anyway.

I can also directly link any of these to show the full picture, if anyone is interested. Otherwise, they're all on my DA that I hardly use anymore:
(Click these for links to the pics for each month)

2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015

Feb 26 2016, 04:02 PM
Source: Bulbapedia
QUOTE (Bulbapedia)
The new core series Pokémon games, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, have been officially revealed in a Pokémon Direct.

These games will be released exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in late 2016. The Japanese presentation specified winter 2016, the North American one specified holiday 2016, and the European one specified late 2016.

Pokémon Sun and Moon are the start of the next generation of core Pokémon games, and include new Pokémon and a "new world". Pokémon can only be transferred to Pokémon Sun and Moon from Pokémon X and Y and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire via Pokémon Bank.

The games will be available in 9 languages: Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Korean, as well as the two new languages Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

The games will be compatible with Pokémon Bank. Pokémon from the Generation I Virtual Console games will be able to be sent to Pokémon Bank, then sent to Pokémon Sun and Moon.

They will be in 2D with some areas also playable in 3D, like the Generation VI core series games.

No further details have been announced.


What particularly stands out to me is "Pokémon from the Generation I Virtual Console games will be able to be sent to Pokémon Bank, then sent to Pokémon Sun and Moon." like HOOOLYYY CRAP

I started with Red and Blue Yellow and had to suffer from the lack of backwards compatibility between Gens 2 and 3 so this is really awesome
Aug 27 2015, 10:11 PM
Plotting grounds and MASTER POST~! for TDD's Storm's Brewing, E44's Uncrossing the Rubicon, and my own Primrose Path. While TDD and E44 had an earlier start than me, we've basically been planning this stuff for about... 2 and a half years now? Yep...

In fact, it grew so large that it became less of a fanfiction and more of "Woah here's a really cool story! Oh yeah also Champions happening in the background I guess..."

So while we've also got most/all of the plot worked out, I figure having a thread for us to keep logs in might help us remember the minor details. Like... ages, character interactions, backstories... et cetera.

Everything co-exists in a universe that stems from Storm's Brewing, which is why we need to stick all this stuff together.

Storm's Brewing - The main story in which everything is anchored in. It begins with Damon Arashi following the events of Fossil Fighters Champions from his perspective.
Uncrossing the Rubicon - Like Storm's Brewing in that it focuses on Rubicon Adriatico while Champions occurs, but...
Primrose Path - Similar to the above two; focuses on Azalea Reyes while Champions occurs, but...

Arc 1: Cup - "Heated Competition! Battle to be the Best!"
Focus: Fossil Fighters Champions (Storm's Brewing, Uncrossing the Rubicon, Primrose Path)
Brief Summary: [Everyone and their mom is in this tournament.]

Arc 2: Ray - "An Anchored Ship Sets Sail! Silver Rebellion and Watertight Combat!"
Focus: Breakaway Brigade (Uncrossing the Rubicon; Storm's Brewing)
Brief Summary: [a dude rebels against his leader, and is in turn rebelled against. Also, some dork tags along for the ride.]

Arc 3: Echo - "Bird of Darkness?! Lightning and Fire!"
Focus: Echo Blackmoore (Primrose Path)
Brief Summary: [Some nerd unlocks the powers of a magic book to become the most goth kid to ever goth]

Arc 4: Valor - "Order and Justice! Collision of ideals!"
Focus: Valor and The Order (and later LITERALLY EVERYONE, GOOD GRIEF) (Primrose Path; Storm's Brewing, Uncrossing the Rubicon)
Brief Summary: [An organization comes to Caliosteo to pursue the above nerd]

Arc 5: Ub - "Final Battle! Mounted Defense Go!"
Focus: Ub (uhhh something something E44)
Brief Summary: [ALIENS]

Storm's Brewing
- Damon Arashi - The protagonist of Storm's Brewing. Loves Water Vivosaurs, and most of his Vivosaurs reflect this (his Carno being a special case). He hates arrogance with a passion and particularly cannot stand arrogance that can't be backed up with skill. He tends to trust completely those within his inner circle, but conversely, doesn't offer much to those outside it he has reason to doubt. Also, spoilers.
- Thea Terumi - Roommates with Damon, loves to play video games. Though she is quite the hothead and tends to create more problems than she solves, she has a softer side that not many get to see. Apt at archery, and likes ice cream. A lot.
- Primacron Maximus - Also rooming with Damon, he tends to watch over them. He's discovered some powers that have opened new doors for him.
- Lucille Wallenda - The final occupant of Room 7, Lucille is a go-getter who loves to entertain. She's rarely seen around, as she always seems to be out making some sort of sale, whether it be food or ring toss tries. What's she saving for?

Uncrossing the Rubicon
- Rubicon Adriatico - Protagonist and member of the Breakaway Brigade.
- Alistair Silber - Member of the Breakaway Brigade, he's characterized by his silver eyes that stun people upon first eye contact with him.
- Ray Anchor - Head of the Breakaway Brigade. Loves Nodo.
- [To E44: Expand upon the descriptions if you want and list your other Breakaway guys, I don't remember them sorry ahhh]

Primrose Path
- Azalea Reyes - Protagonist. A grumpy, cynical and practical girl with poor battling skills and even poorer stamina. She desires to find more Vivosaurs to befriend her Tsintao.
- Kei - A mysterious, amnesiac young man who seems to appear and disappear without warning. He can't recall how he made it to Caliosteo but has an aversion to fighting and confrontation. His speech is rather polite and somewhat archaic.
- Seth Galloway - A helpful, friendly and somewhat fashionable guy. He's incredibly normal, save for the fact that he's an inspector from a certain organization.
- Samuel Valentino - He prefers "Sammy." He enjoys exercising and honing his in a fist fight. Not too interested in Vivosaurs, but he learned a little bit about them for Cassie's sake. Currently in a relationship with her.
- Cassandra Lyre - She prefers "Cassie." A playful, energetic girl who dragged Sammy with her to the Caliosteo Islands to compete in the tournament. She enjoys mercilessly teasing him.
- Burning Dinomyte - A self-proclaimed hero far too ridiculous for anyone to take seriously. He claims to be seeking out the Crest of Astonishment.
- Zalco Monsoon - Burning's "sidekick" and best friend, he is calm, quiet and curious about the world around him.
- Renegade - A mysterious watcher...?
- Echo Blackmoore - An amateur archaeologist. He possesses a tome that he's been attempting to decipher for the last 9 years. He stole it from his older brother.
- Veil Rosario - Echo's super amiable friend. He's into certain fashions and fancies himself the life of the party. He's secretly a huge dork and avid (bad) fanfiction writer. Edit: As of Feb 2016, he's also hugely into cosplay.
- Raid Warren - Echo's other friend. The muscle and a huge teddy bear. He enjoys helping his friends but dislikes using his strength against other people.
- Ulai - Like Kei, he has no memory of how he made it to Caliosteo. However, he will gladly work for a price...
- Valor - Leader of The Order. A kind young man who uses his power for charity work.
- Spitfire - A member of The Order. A mechanic and personal pilot, he's an adrenaline junkie who can't sit still and will gladly endanger himself for fun.
- Fortune - A member of The Order. An amiable young man with a flair for fashion and playing cards.
- Phantom - A member of The Order. A black mage with the ability to foresee what actions would benefit the group. He seems to dabble in some other dark arts, as well...
- Maverick - A member of The Order. An obnoxious show off who, unfortunately, backs up his boasts of power.
- Slate (Gunnar Kilgore) - A member of The Order. He joined the group after losing his son to corruption in his home city. He hoped to do good, but...
- [More characters that have yet to be listed? I forgot if I forgot someone]

Post to be edited in the future lol
Aug 26 2015, 01:57 AM
I keep track of shinies I get in thread on a private forum I hang out at, so I figured I'd make one here, too.

So... yeah, I was one of those "woe is me I haven't found a shiny yet" people until... XY, I guess? I mean, I've found maybe 3 shinies between Gen 3 and Gen 4, but.... man. I've gotten so many of 'em in Y, it's stupid ridiculous. I'd... feel kinda bad if I posted all of them here at once, so... I'll give you my most recent one!

Been trying to breed for one forever, haha. I've EV trained her but haven't come up with a good name yet. ...Not that I ever plan on using her for competitive...

Though, uh... do note I've completed the Pokedex, so I've obtained the Shiny Charm. And I will say that yes, it definitely noticeably increases your chances of running into a shiny - but it still requires you to run into, like... 200 or so Pokemon. I believe someone did the math somewhere...? Hm. Regardless... The best advice is to just play a lot. You'll run into one eventually! In fact, I always keep a False Swiper on hand...

So... Discounting the Red Gyarados and that Haxorus in the Gen 5 games, what're some shinies you've gotten or wanted? Chain fished shinies also count!
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